Terms of Use

SocialEd, Inc. (dba Bonsai), its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “Bonsai”), provide the content and services on this website (the “Bonsai Platform”) subject to the following terms of use (the “Terms of Use”).  We may periodically change the Terms of Use without notice to you, so please check back from time to time.  Unless explicitly stated otherwise, any new features that augment or enhance the Bonsai Platform shall be subject to these Terms of Use.

By accessing and using the Bonsai Platform, you agree to these Terms of Use.  If you seek content and engagement with artists on the Bonsai Platform, you are a user (a “User”) and you agree to these Terms of Use.  If you provide engagement and content on the Bonsai Platform, you are an artist (a “Artist”), and you agree to these Terms of Use and you also agree to the Artist Terms and Conditions (the “Artist Terms and Conditions”).  As to Artists, in the event of any conflict between these Terms of Use and the Artist Terms and Conditions, the latter shall control.

  1. Description of Service

The Bonsai Platform provides (the “Services”) a variety of resources and information for Users to search and engage with members of Bonsai’s Artist network, including for purposes of requesting and facilitating the creation of collectable digital artwork (the “Bonsai Artwork”) that is capable of being registered on a blockchain as a non-fungible token (the “Bonsai NFT”).  The Bonsai Artwork and Bonsai NFTs may include collectable digital artwork in any medium, including User requested Artist dialog.  The Bonsai NFTs may be registered on any designated blockchain, including on the Ethereum and Polygon platforms.  Users agree to pay the fee (if any) established by the Bonsai Platform upon completion of the Bonsai Artwork, whether or not such artwork is registered on the designated blockchain as a Bonsai NFT.  Bonsai may also provide other Bonsai products, services, features, events, opportunities, offerings, and benefits available to you when you own a Bonsai NFT (“Bonsai Privileges”).

  1. Ownership of Bonsai NFTs

Each Bonsai NFT is a unique, non-fungible token recorded on the designated blockchain for that NFT, which unless otherwise specified, will be the Polygon blockchain. The designated blockchain acts as a public, decentralized ledger system that records transfer, purchase, sale, and ownership of digital assets, including Bonsai NFTs.  To transfer, claim, sell, or own Bonsai NFTs, you must set up, maintain, and agree to the terms and conditions of one of the supported third-party electronic wallets, such as MetaMask, and you may also need to maintain an account with third party providers such as OpenSea, and agree to their terms and conditions.  Whenever proof of purchase or ownership of a Bonsai NFT is rightfully recorded on the designated blockchain, the then-currently recorded owner is deemed to own a Bonsai NFT and receives a license and other benefits under these Terms of Use, subject to the owner’s compliance with the obligations and limits described below.

Current ownership of a Bonsai NFT, as rightfully recorded on the designated blockchain, entitles the owner to certain Bonsai Privileges as described on Bonsai’s Site.

From time to time, Bonsai may add or change Bonsai Privileges in its sole discretion and without notice.  In addition, access to some Bonsai Privileges may include other requirements or limitations for participation.  For instance, attendance at some events or access to some opportunities may be limited to a maximum number of participants and to Bonsai NFT owners who meet age, residency, or other requirements and limitations.

Bonsai NFTs are intended to be collectable digital artwork for the enjoyment and entertainment of the individual User.  They are not intended for investment purposes.  You may, however, transfer or sell a Bonsai NFT provided that:

  1. Assumption of Risk

When you acquire a Bonsai NFT, you acknowledge and agree that:

Each Bonsai NFT is recorded on the designated blockchain for that Bonsai NFT.  Bonsai does not own, operate, or maintain the blockchain, payment system(s), electronic wallets, NFT marketplaces, or any other third party systems involved in transferring, purchasing, selling, maintaining, or owning Bonsai NFTs. We cannot guarantee and have no responsibility for the operation of any of those systems or any other third party platform.

Digital assets, NFTs (including Bonsai NFTs), cryptocurrencies, and blockchains are new and experimental technologies, and the security and regulation of these technologies is continually evolving and accompanied by inherent risks.  Because these technologies are highly experimental, risky, volatile, and may have no inherent value, your purchase of a Bonsai NFT, whether through the Bonsai Platform or through a third party marketplace, may carry substantial financial risk, including the risk of loss in trading NFTs, other digital assets, or cryptocurrency.  Bonsai NFTs are intended only for the User’s personal enjoyment.  When you purchase or otherwise acquire a Bonsai NFT, you represent that you have sufficient knowledge, sophistication, and experience with respect to NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology to make your own evaluation of the risks of the transaction.  Under no circumstances should Bonsai’s provision of any product or service, or promotion or statements about any Bonsai NFT be construed as providing investment advice.

Bonsai NFTs are not, are not based upon, and do not constitute an entitlement to any physical goods or real property, fractionalized ownership of any asset, an investment, security or other financial instrument (including anything governed by securities laws), currencies, or virtual currencies.